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Watermelon Carving Contest July 2012

Watermelon Carving Contest 2012

Watermelon Carving Contest 2012

The National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB) is hosting its Third Annual Watermelon Carving Contest this month, July 2012. To enter, carve a watermelon between now and August 4 and send an image of your melon carving and also a image of you posing with your carving to the NWPB. Judges will choose three finalists in each of these five categories:

  • Most Original – including special occasions and holiday
  • Funniest – judged for level of humor, comical staging
  • Most Elegant – for highly skilled or trained professional carvers
  • Best Jack o’ Melon – a watermelon jack o’ lantern
  • Watermelon.org – best carving from any of the carving ideas found at the Watermelon.org website

Additionally, there is a sixth category awarding a $500 Grand Prize:

  • Fan Favorite – voted for by visitors to the WhatAboutWatermelon.com blog

Five of the categories offer a first ($100), second ($50) and third prize ($25) awarded in Amazon Gift Cards. The Fan Favorite category offers the biggest Grand Prize, with an award of $500! You are invited to submit your watermelon carving(s) via email, Facebook page or Twitter. See our page for complete carving contest details.

If you have never carved before, this is a good opportunity to try your hand at this ancient Thai art. Or if you are an expert, now is your chance to show off your skills and gain national recognition. No matter what your age or skill level, you have a chance to win gifts, get 10 % off in our store and improve your carving abilities. See some of our watermelon carvings tutorials:

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To start planning and creating your winning carving, see our Watermelon Carving Store filled with all the DVD’s, step-by-step books, carving knives and tools needed to make your winning entry. Watermelon Carving DVDs from professional carvers will guide your carving knife to carve the most original and beautiful watermelon carvings, guaranteed to gain you the top prizes!

Deadline for submissions is August 2012, so start shopping now and enjoy a special 10% discount!

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