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Testing the Principles of Thai Cookery

» 31 January 2011 » In Thai Food & Drink » 5 Comments

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Chef McDang’s new cookbook The Principles of Thai Cookery has been getting a lot of attention. In this post, I test two of his recipes – Fried fish with garlic, white peppercorn, and cilantro root, and a spicy seafood dipping sauce.

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Chef Jean-Georges’s Thai-inspired Cuisine

» 05 November 2010 » In Thai Food & Drink » 1 Comment

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Lately there has been a flowering of Thai-inspired restaurants worldwide which are under the guidance of a Western chef, even in Bangkok much to the chagrin of some Thai people! One of the first Western chefs to forge the path, long before the current trend, was French Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten with his Thai-inspired French cuisine. […]

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Creative Pumpkin Carving by American Chefs

» 30 October 2010 » In Fruit and Vegetable Carving » 2 Comments

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Pumpkins, gourds and watermelons have become the medium of professional culinary carving artists and chefs who are turning ordinary earthy vegetables into perishable works of art. At this time of year in the states, Fall fruits and vegetables are going under the carving knife to become transformed into glowing jack-o-lanterns decorated with fancy floral patterns and […]

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