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Morning Visit to a Thai Food Market – Part 3, Seafood

» 27 May 2013 » In Thai Food & Drink » No Comments

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Join us on a visit to the local Thai Food Market and explore the wide variety of seafood, fish, shellfish, prawns and sun-dried seafood for sale. Check out our latest addition to our Thai recipe collection, Steamed Whole Fish with Chili and Lime Sauce.

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Testing the Principles of Thai Cookery

» 31 January 2011 » In Thai Food & Drink » 5 Comments

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Chef McDang’s new cookbook The Principles of Thai Cookery has been getting a lot of attention. In this post, I test two of his recipes – Fried fish with garlic, white peppercorn, and cilantro root, and a spicy seafood dipping sauce.

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