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Cooking & Garnishing Holiday Gift Ideas

Kaitlyn Moore talks about gift ideas for the holiday season.

Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand

Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand

With the beautiful Thai holidays of Loy Kratong and Yi Peng recently taking place in Thailand, I am reminded that winter festivities are just around the corner for my friends and family back home in the states and I’ll soon be buying presents for them. As I’m in Thailand online shopping is the best way I can get my gifts delivered to them in the USA and with Thai food being such a popular cuisine, my unique gift ideas are sure to please – who isn’t in love with Thai food these days?! To help you complete your list in time, check out these gift ideas for your cook and foodie friends and maybe while you’re shopping, you can finally pick up that mortar and pestle for yourself that you always wanted!

Popular Thai Cuisine Cookbook Learn to Cook Thai DVD Set Thai Vegetarian Cooking Cookbook
Granite Mortar and Pestle Asian Wok Chinese Steamer

If someone on your list wants to get started cooking Thai food, the bright photos and 111 easy-to-follow Thai recipes in the Popular Thai Cuisine Cookbook will be sure to inspire. And to make these authentic recipes, they may need a few new culinary tools, like the Thai granite mortar and pestle for pounding up curry pastes, a genuine carbon steel Asian wok for perfect stir-frying, or a Chinese Steamer. For those who prefer a more visual approach to learning, the Learn to Cook Thai DVD Set, will provide hours of professional Thai cooking instruction from the Koh Samui Institute of Culinary Arts. Surprise the vegetarian on your list with the modern Thai Vegetarian Cooking Cookbook, which makes Thai food enjoyable for vegetarians, vegans, and anyone aiming for a healthier lifestyle!

Sticky Rice Steamer Kiwi brand Pro Slice Clay Mortar and Pestle

For sticky rice lovers, serving perfectly steamed sticky rice in a western kitchen, can be a challenge. The ideal gift to overcome this problem is our sticky rice steamer set, which is identical to those used by street vendors across Thailand. The Thai clay mortar and pestle (kruk) will make the best-tasting papaya salad, a favorite accompaniment to sticky rice and the quickest tool for preparing papaya salad is the Kiwi brand Pro Slice shredder.

Complete Set of 11 Veg and Fruit Carving DVDs Expanded World of Vegetable and Fruit Sculpting Soap Carving Book
Kom-Kom Deluxe Kom-Kom Set A U & V Tools

An aspiring fruit carver will find themselves with plenty of carving lessons with this new Complete Set of 11 Veg and Fruit Carving DVDs. Experienced fruit and vegetable carvers can further expand their skills with Chef Ray Duey’s Expanded World of Fruit and Vegetable Sculpting DVD. Carvers can also try their hand at soap carving. Every carver will find many uses for the knives and tools included in the Kom Kom Deluxe Vegetable and Fruit Garnishing Knives Set, or start with a smaller three knife carving set also from Kom Kom brand which are also useful for everyday cooking tasks. Finally, the U-and-V carving tool set makes a quick task of repetitive carving jobs and should be a part of every carvers tool kit.

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Kaitlyn MooreAbout the Author, Kaitlyn Moore:Kaitlyn is originally from North Carolina but moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, so that she could eat more noodles and avoid snow. She’s been abroad for over a year, with occasional stops in other parts of South and South East Asia.