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How to Devein Shrimp

Learn how to peel and devein shrimp as a preliminary to cooking.

You might ask, “Do you have to devein shrimp?” The reason that the vein is usually removed is because the dark vein is not only unattractive, especially in large shrimp, but it can also sometimes contain sand. If the shrimp is small or medium-size you may skip this step to save time.

Once deveined, we recommended brining the cleaned shrimp in a sea salt water bath, for the most delicious, succulent taste. You can purchase Thai sea salt in our online grocery.

Find can Thai recipes for shrimp dishes here in the recipe section of our site, including our Perfect Pad Thai recipe.

Perfect Pad Thai Kit - TempleofThai.com

Perfect Pad Thai Kit – TempleofThai.com

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