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‘Huge Thai Phase’ for Cooking Channel Host Jeffrey Saad

Food Network Magazine September Issue

Currently on newsstands, the September issue of Food Network Magazine visits the well-equipped kitchen of Chef Jeffrey Saad, host of United Tastes of America. Jeffrey’s stylish kitchen is prepared for cooking all sorts of cuisines, and he says tools like the Temple of Thai granite mortar and pestle get a lot of action, especially for crushing Thai chilies.

Food Network Magazine visits the kitchen of Cooking Channel host Jeffry Saad

Cooking Channel host Jeffrey Saad's well-equipped California kitchen

Earlier this year, Chef Saad visited Thailand and has since been “going through a huge Thai phase…”. Now in its third year, Chef Saad’s show United Taste of America, delves into into the history, science and pop-culture that have transformed America’s favorite foods. At the moment, Jeffrey is traveling the US promoting his new cookbook, Jeffrey Saad’s Global Kitchen, Recipes Without Borders, offering a compilation of recipes from around the world with an emphasis on the influence of spices.

Buy a Thai mortar pestle like Cooking Channel Host Jeffrey Saad's

Cooking Channel Host Jeffrey Saad's Thai mortar & pestle gets a lot of action in his kitchen

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Mortar and Pestle from TempleofThai.com

The Temple of Thai Granite Mortar & Pestle as featured in Sept. 2012 Food Network Magazine

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