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How to Make Green Curry Video SHORTER


This edit of our first ever step-by-step cooking video jumps straight into the recipe, for those of you who are short on time.

You can follow the complete recipe for Thai Green Curry by clicking this link. You will also find the detailed recipe on this page and can buy all the authentic ingredients by following the recipe links. If you are in a rush but don’t want to compromise taste, be sure to try Nittaya brand Green Curry Paste flown in from Bangkok direct to our fulfillment in Los Angeles.

When viewing the video, please don’t be shy to use the pause button when necessary to follow our step-by-step cooking instructions in your own kitchen. We hope you enjoy our first step-by-step cooking video. Please leave us your feedback below, we would love to hear from you! Or visit our YouTube Channel for even more videos and take a moment to give us a Thumbs Up. Thank you, we hope you will feel inspired to cook authentic Thai food at home.

Video Chef: Rujapa Tantragul

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