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Khao Soi Curry Noodles

Thai Khao Soi with Chicken

Khao Soi with chicken, a northern Thai specialty (click to enlarge)

Thailand’s take on Malay Laksa Noodles is Chiang Mai’s specialty, Khao Soi. In this hearty noodle dish, squiggly egg noodles are bathed in a thick coconut curry soup, fragrant with fresh herbs, spices and curry powder. Diners top their own bowls with sliced red shallots, picked mustard greens, and squeezes of fresh lime, while a cluster of deep-fried egg noodles adds a crunchy bite. You can order Khao Soi in restaurants but, like Malaysian Laksa, street vendors often make the tastiest versions.

You can find both the authentic recipe and all the necessary authentic ingredients in our site. Let us know if you have ever tried Khao Soi noodles, where you ate them and if you enjoyed it or not. Thanks for stopping by!

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