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Visit to a Thai Market – Spices, Sauces & Strange Foods (Part 4)

The weird and the wonderful bombard the senses at even the most pedestrian of Thai markets. There always seems to be something new to delight the taste buds and provide a bit of a sense of adventure. In this fourth installment of my visits to the local Thai market, I share with you some of the dried spices, Thai sauces and exotic foodstuffs to be found.

Thai Spice Goodies

Thai Spice Goodies (Click to enlarge)

Goodies like whole dried chili peppers, fresh herbs and palm sugar are bagged up in small portions or wrapped in eco-friendly fresh banana leaves for Thai cooks to turn into favorite dishes like Yam Neau (Thai Beef Salad), tom yum soup or kanom (Thai desserts). Of course the best way to learn to cook Thai food is to practice, so I think I will take some of these chili peppers home to make my own curry paste!

Asian Noodles

Asian Noodles (Click to enlarge)

For those of you not in Thailand, we offer a comprehensive range of authentic Thai spices and Thai sauces in bottles and jars here. We also provide many other ingredients, from rice noodles to fresh produce, as found in Thai food markets in our online grocery store here.

Thai Sauces

Thai Sauces (Click to enlarge)

Banana Leaf Wrapped Sweets

Steamed Thai Khanom

Exotic Wonders, Fresh Sea Urchin

Exotic Wonders (Click to enlarge)

Have you ever visited a Thai market? Please tell us about your most memorable Thai street food experience or describe a tasty (or not!) exotic Thai snack that you tried. Feel free to let us know if you cannot find what you are looking for in our online grocery, we would be happy to help. Thanks for visiting our blog, we would love to hear from you!

Fresh Asian Eggs

Fresh Eggs & Salted Duck Eggs (Click to enlarge)

Thai Market Stall

Thai Market Stall (Click to enlarge)

Barbeque Chicken Heads

Waste not, want not. Asian are far less squeamish about eating all parts of an animal (Click to enlarge)

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