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Carrot Carnation Flower Vegetable Carving

Eye-catching yet easy to make, these decorative carved carrot flowers can be produced in just a few minutes to provide an beautiful final touch to a meal. Whether you're entertaining a crowd or preparing a candlelit dinner for two, an addition of wild carnations will be sure to impress.

Carved Carrot Carnation

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  1. Peel the carrot's skin and divide it into two parts. The bottom part for the petals and at the top for the pollen.
  2. Chip out thin wedges lengthwise all round the long part.
  3. Slice into round pieces and soak in cold water for 10 minutes.
  4. Peel the shortest part to make the pollen.
  5. Level the pollen part smoothly and score it with tiny squares at the top.
  6. Use carving knife around the pollen, alternating the petals.
  7. Repeat for an outer layer
  8. Take the soaked petals, press and arrange from small to big petals, starting near the pollen.

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