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Roti Recipe & Video Introducing our new blog!
Watermelon Carving Asian Paring Knife

Roti Recipe

Roti is a delicious flaky wheat flour pan-fried bread with Muslim origins which is popular throughout Asia. In Thailand roti is most often served as a snack topped with sweetened condensed milk, white sugar and banana or even chocolate. In the South it is also served alongside curry, especially for breakfast.

See our Roti Recipe with step-by-step photos and our Thai Roti Vendor Video and more details about this recipe on our site.


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Introducing our new Asian Food & Living Blog!

Check our brand new blog covering South East Asian, food, life & culture! Every week we'll post a new article from our roving reporters in Thailand and neighboring countries to bring you an authentic slice of Asian food and life.

Watermelon Carving

Learn how to carve a beautiful watermelon flower for a center-piece for any occasion such as a party, BBQ or simply just for fun! Basic instructions are available in this fruit carving tutorial on our web site.

Watermelon Carving

Instructions for this carving and many more are available in the book Thai Exquisite Cuisine & Art of Vegetable and Fruit Carving, by Mrs. Penpan Sittitrai written in both English and Thai and available for sale in our store. pp. 45, Srisiam Printing Press © 2009, imported from Thailand.

Asian Paring Knife

One of our favorite kitchen knives! Super-sharp and light-weight, this short paring knife from Kom Kom brand, is a recent addition to our kitchen. Made of resilient stainless steel. Highly recommended!.

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