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Thai Grocery

Lemongrass, Thai Basil, Kaffir Lime

Lemongrass, Thai Basil, Kaffir Limes

Find fresh Thai spices to make authentic Thai dishes in our produce section. Frozen banana leaves, pandanus leaf, whole kaffir lime, fresh chilis & galangal are also available!

Curry Paste

Nittaya Curry Paste

New York Magazine — "once you try these potent fresh curry pastes... (red, green, massaman, panang and yellow), you'll never go back to the jarred stuff."

Asian Cookware

Thai Mortar and Pestle

Mortar & Pestles

Get the mortar and pestle you've been searching for! Available in both clay and granite. See other items for preparing and serving Thai food in our Asian Cookware section.

Asian Cookware

Asian Cookware

Find authentic Asian kitchenware: Coconut Grater, Sticky Rice Steamer, Wok, Kanom Krok Pan, Cook's Knives, Kitchen Utensils, Bamboo Steamer, Clay Pot and much more.

Fruit Carving & Cookbooks

Fruit Carving

Fruit Carving

Learn the art of fruit carving with our books & DVDs. Check out our time-saving garnishing tool set.

Thai Cook Books

Thai Cookbooks

Imported Cookbooks & DVD's: Pad Thai, Taste of Thai, Learn to Cook Thai, Easy Stir-Fry, Vegetarian Thai.

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