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Massaman Curry & Curry Paste Recipe Nittaya Brand Curry Paste
Sizzling Satay: Thai Grilled Snacks Carving DVD for Edible Bouquets

Massaman Curry Recipe

Massaman Curry

Try our new a new recipe for Thai Massaman Curry with Homemade Massaman Curry Paste.

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Image © iStockphoto.com/Surakit Harntongkul 2010

Nittaya Brand Curry Paste

"Making Thai curry at home usually involves pounding hard-to-find ingredients in a mortar, or struggling to make something edible from pallid premade pastes. Nittaya changes everything. The finest brand we've found, Nittaya's paste produces intensely delicious curries without the effort." epicurious.com

Nittaya brand curry paste is preservative-free and freshly packaged. Nittaya is a Thai family-owned company which has been making high quality curry paste for 46 years.

Flown directly from Bangkok to the USA by the Temple of Thai. Shop for Nittaya Curry Pastes now, including Red, Green, Yellow & Massaman in our store.

Carving DVD for Edible Bouquets

See a video

Professional Carving Instructor, Nita Gill teaches you step-by-step how to carve vegetable flowers and leaves and then how to assemble your carvings into a beautiful floral bouquets that will be sure to impress your holiday guests. Visit our site to see a video clip from Nita's DVD.

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Image © Nita Gill 2010

Sizzling Satay: Thai Grilled Snacks

Whether you're wandering through a Thai market, a Bangkok street or sitting at a table in your favorite Thai restaurant, Satay is sure to be available. Read our latest blog post which includes a recipe which you can make indoors or out, perfect for your holiday parties.

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