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Happy Thai New Year!

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Treat yourself or a friend to our new Thai cookbooks - These books are not yet on the site and are available in limited quantities! Imported from Thailand.

Step by Step Thai Desserts Step-by-Step Thai Desserts, by Nidda Hongwiwat

This beautifully photographed book introduces exotic Thai desserts to the West. Thai desserts ('kanom') are basically flour, water, coconut milk and eggs, but come in a multitude of variations. The book includes an introduction explaining Thai cooking equipment for preparing 'kanom'. You'll find simple step-by-step illustrated recipes for bananas in coconut milk, black sweet rice with young coconut, sweet potato in ginger syrup, Thai custard with pumpkin, and more. Glossy paper, soft cover, 103 pages. Copyright 2002.


Cooking Thai PrawnsCooking Thai Prawns

Cooking Thai Prawns, one in a series of 3 new modern Thai cookbooks from Sangdad, includes recipes for Sour & Spicy Prawn Soup (Tom Yum Goong), Prawns & Holy Basil Stir Fried Rice, and Prawns Stir-fried with Roasted Chili Paste. See recipe below, Stir Fried Prawns & Asparagus.
You'll find an excellent introduction about different types of prawns including pictures. 71 pages, paperback, Copyright 2000.


Your Favorite Thai Dishes Your Favourite Thai Dishes, by Wandee Na Songkhla

In this cookbook you will find the best loved Thai recipes. Find out everything necessary to cook authentic Thai dishes from this Thai cooking instructor, based in Thailand. Consultant, Catherine Gordon. Paperback, Copyright 1996.


Thai Hawker Food Thai Hawker Food, by Kenny Yee and Catherine Gordon

Some of the best most loved dishes in Thailand are prepared in the open-air marketplace. The same food, often more genuine and authentic, can be had at simple road-side stalls or push carts. You'll find information on where to go (including maps) and what to order in Thailand in this unique book. Each recipe is described in detail with sketches and Thai script. 122 pages, paperback, Copyright


TempleofThai.com Annual Customer Survey

Again I want to thank everyone who took the time to give us their valuable feedback regarding the Temple of Thai in February. Ten respondents (randomly drawn) won $50 worth of groceries & cookbooks. Again they are: T. Coghe, R. Giardina, D. Freedman, E. Stevenson, J. Dodd, R. Kinsella, J. Mankin, C. Casey, & J. Reiss. Thanks again! We look forward to serving you all again in the future! In the next newsletters I will be addressing some of the questions people had about ingredients, etc. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact me, Karla by clicking here.



In Thailand it is the hottest time of the year so we celebrate by throwing buckets of water on one another to cool off for the Thai New Year. In the USA it is spring (finally)! Asparagus is at its best at this time of year, so enjoy this simple, low-calorie, and quick-to-prepare recipe from our cookbook 'Cooking Thai Prawns' (you can buy the cookbook right from this newsletter, above).