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Thai Temple Fair Adventure: Rotis, Rock & Beer

Join us at the local temple fair with our latest streetfood video of Crispy Roti. If you would like to have a go yourself, try our Roti recipe – they’re as good as they look!

Thai temple fairs are colorful, vibrant affairs and are a way for the local Buddhist temples to generate some income and are a fun event for the community. Children provide a lot of entertainment, performing dances for proud parents. Also there will be live rock bands, perhaps some traditional music and dance performance and also many fun fair attractions like balloon bursting-dart throwing amidst the bright lights. Impromptu flea markets are established selling all manner of household goods, clothing and tchatchkes and of course you will find a huge variety of foods for sale.

Locals take the opportunity, to sell their wares and great fun is had by all. Local festivals are a lovely glimpse of Thai life, but strangely very few tourist venture there. If you visit Thailand, try and find out when the next temple Fair is. Typically each temple has one or two per year and they rotate between the local (usually abundant) temples, so within a given area you have a good chance of one being on. In the meantime, join us on a quick tour!

Cheap Eats at a Thai Temple Fair

Lots of fresh veges ready to top Kanom Jeen noodles

Chicken with Yellow Rice and Pork Leg

Chicken & Yellow Rice alongside Fatty Stewed Pork Leg

Local Thai Food at the Temple Fair

If you are on a diet, you may want to bypass this one!

Thai Temple Fair Koa Ka Mor

One last look, Koa Ka Mor - so delicious!

Chinese-style stew - Ka Poa Pla

Chinese-style Stew – Ka Poa Pla

Fresh Thai Salads are made to order

Fresh Thai salads are made to order

Live music at the Thai fair

Local talent is part of every Thai festival

Thai Temple Fair Stars

Like these little Thai starlets

Thai strawberries from the North of Thailand

Thai strawberries from the North of Thailand are an exotic treat

Chinese good luck charms for sale

Don’t forget to pick up a lucky gold and red Chinese charm

Thai Festival Games of Chance

You’ll find many games of chance

Thai Temple Fair Garlic Stall

In Thai cooking you can never have enough garlic & red shallots on hand

Rose Apples for Sale

Thai rose apples (chompoo) are a sweet, refreshing healthy snack

Thai Temple Fair Food Stall

And where there is Thai food, there is sure to be Thai beer

Rock Band

And where there is life there is music

Thai Temple Fair Food Stall

Goodbye until tomorrow….!