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Watermelon Basket Carving

Perfect for a summer picnic, this Watermelon Fruit Basket is carved from a watermelon into the shape of a dolphin. Kids will love to help draw the pattern on the watermelon rind and make the melon balls with the help of a melon scoop. Refrigerate until serving time, when you can sit back and enjoy the compliments.

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  • One small watermelon
  • Sharp-pointed knife
  • Carving knife
  • Melon scoop


  1. Choose an elongated watermelon.
  2. Lightly draw a dolphin on the rind of the watermelon as in the picture with a sharp point.
  3. Cut along the lines carefully with the knife and then gently cut away the rind.
  4. With a melon scoop, make the flesh into watermelon balls and set aside in a dish. Remove any remaining flesh so the interior is clean and white.
  5. Cut triangles through the rind to represent the eyes, and in the edges, cut notches for the eyelashes.
  6. Cut a crescent for the mouth, and then notch the upper border of the rind all around except at the tail.
  7. Arrange the watermelon and cantalope balls attractively in the dolphin-shaped bowl.
Watermelon Carving 1 Watermelon Carving 2
Watermelon Carving 3 Watermelon Carving 4

Step By Step Fruit & Vegetable Carving BookSource: The Complete Step-by-Step Vegetable & Fruit Carving Book; Sangdad Publishing Co. © 1999; available in fruit carving.

Print out a PDF for directions on how to make this Watermelon Fruit Basket (Adobe PDF required).

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