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Thai Tea & Desserts for Summer
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Thai Tea:Thai Iced Tea

Served over crushed ice, this is welcome ending to a spicy Thai repast. Simply brew strong Thai tea, sweeten with lots of canned sweetened condensed milk and pour over ice; top with a splash of real milk to taste if desired. "Take note that the rich orange color of the tea is from food coloring. The tea mix is made of black tea roasted with anise or licorice flavorings." (from: Kasma Loha-Unchit, Thai cooking instructor and cookbook author).

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Thai iced tea kitThai Iced Tea Kit
This kit contains everything for authentic Thai Iced Tea. Tea powder, a filter sock and 'nom wan' or sweet milk to taste. Delicious hot or cold.

Thai Dessert-Corn Pudding (Khao Phoht Piak)
Thai-style Corn Pudding

Most Thai sweets do not include wheat flour, which make them great for those who are gluten-intolerant. The typical list of ingredients is simply rice or tapioca flour, water, coconut milk and eggs. The mulititude of resulting variations is amazing. So close your eyes, and pretend you are in the lush tropics of Asia, while spooning a smooth cool coconut dessert into your mouth...

3 cups fresh or frozen corn, thinly sliced
2 cups water
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup tapioca flour
1 cup coconut cream (see below)
1 1/2 teaspoon salt (sea salt is preferable)

Preparing the dessert:
Bring the water to the boil over medium heat, put in the corn kernals and stir frequently until cooked through. Add the sugar and continue to boil until completely dissolved.
Mix the flour with some water and add to the corn. Continue cooking and stirring regularly until the flour is done, thick and clear; remove from the heat.
Mix the coconut cream and salt together, bring to a boil over low heat, then remove from heat. Serve the sweet corn and top with some of the salted coconut cream.

Coconut cream:
"For recipes requiring coconut cream, do not shake the can of coconut mik before opening; spoon out the thick cream on top. On hot days, refrigerate the can so that the cream will harden and can be easily separated from the lighter milk." Please see Thai cooking instructor Kasma Loha-unchit's excellent website for more information about coconut milk and Thai recipes: Coconut milk cream.

Step By Step Thai DessertsStep By Step Thai Desserts

Step-by-step photographs. This beautifully photographed book introduces exotic Thai desserts to the West. Glossy paper, softcover, 103 pages. Copyright 2002. Find out more in our cookbook section.


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