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Lotus Seed Cakes from the Chinese Bakery

Chinese lotus seed cakes in Melaka

Chinese lotus seed cakes in Melaka

The sweet, buttery smell from this bakery was irresistible. Bakers fill a stiff, starchy dough with sweet lotus seed paste and salted egg yolk, to make these tiny cakes which taste a lot like Chinese moon cakes. 1 cake cost 1.5RM ($0.50).

These tiny cakes are inside bakery on Melaka’s Jonker Street, the main street of its Chinatown. This area has a weekend night market that is packed with locals and tourists from Malaysia and beyond. Melaka is a UNESCO world heritage site, unique for its history of Malay, Portuguese, Dutch, and British rule. In Melaka, food blends Chinese, Malay, and Portuguese influences.

All Images © 2011 Kaitlyn Moore.

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