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Simple Carrot Rose Vegetable Carving

Carrot Rose CarvingFrom A Variety of Flowers, a new book on fruit and vegetable carving, we present six steps to a simple but lovely carrot rose.



  1. Shave to make the carrot smooth and cut a cone shape being 1 cm deep. Divide into 5 sections.
  2. Cut out the first petal with the knife tip, make deep cuts to remove the flesh under the petal. Cut out the second petal overlapping with the first one.
  3. Cut out the remaining petals all around. Then make deep cuts to remove the flesh under the petals.
  4. Cut out the flower with the knife tip.
  5. Neaten the flesh under the petals.
  6. Finished flower!
Carrot Rose Carving 1 Carrot Rose Carving 2 Carrot Rose Carving 3
Carrot Rose Carving 4 Carrot Rose Carving 5 Carrot Rose Carving
A Variety of Flowers Source A Variety of Flowers, Vegetable & Fruit Carving Copyright © 2005 Srisiam Printing Press Co, Ltd.
This carving book focuses mainly on arrangements of fruit and vegetable carvings into 'floral-type' arrangements for use as centerpieces, but also includes basic carvings.

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