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Vegetable Garnishing — How to Carve a Tomato Basket

Tomato Basket GarnishFollow the step by step directions here to create this simple vegetable garnish, a tomato basket. To get started you will find all the necessary carving tools and knives right here in our store. Also we have garnishing books and videos to help you create beautiful garnishes like the one shown here and more advanced fruit and vegetable garnishes.

Materials & Tools


  1. Slit tomato into 2 lines from the center cut 1/2 cm. wide to make handle.
  2. On the side of the basket make line by using the V-chisel knife.
  3. Core out the flesh.
  4. Use knife's tip in slitting the flesh at the sides, open out widely as shown.
  5. Slice, remove flesh out, make it slight in zigzag lines.
  6. Place basket as shown.
Tomato Basket Step 1 Tomato Basket Step 2 Tomato Basket Step 3
Tomato Basket Step 4 Tomato Basket Step 5 Tomato Basket Step 6

Source: The Art of Vegetable Garnish Book by Sopapan Amatadecha.

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