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July/August Thai Cooking E-Newsletter

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_______________ FEATURED INGREDIENT _____________


This is our second newsletter featuring sticky rice, since it is becoming so popular in the West. What seems to befuddle Westerners is how is it cooked? You'll be happy to discover that it is simple to prepare!

In Thailand there are 2 types of sticky/glutinous rice: long grain white and black.

The white type is a daily staple for Northeast Thailand. Sweetened with coconut milk and palm sugar, the entire country enjoys it served with ripe mango or even strawberries. (see recipe link below)

Black sticky rice is mainly eaten as a sweet dish. (see recipe link below) If you visit Thailand, look for a new product from Dairy Bell Co. - black sticky rice ice cream bars!

Black sticky rice can also be mixed with white sticky rice for a beautifully colored savory side dish. During cooking the color from the bran leaches out and stains the interior white grain so that the cooked rice becomes dark purple.
Both types are steamed in a special rice cooker (see our sale below!). You cannot cook these types of rice in an electrice rice cooker!

++ Get simple directions for cooking sticky rice:
How to cook sticky rice

__________________ WHAT'S ON SALE! _________________

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Thai sticky rice 5lb
- Also known as glutinous or sweet rice.
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Sticky rice

Black sticky rice 5lb
- Becoming trendy in upscale American restaurants.
Nutty like wild rice it can be served savory
mixed with cooked jasmine rice or sweetened with coconut milk.
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Black sticky rice


Sticky rice steamer set
- Cook fool-proof, authentic sticky rice.
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Steamer set

IN STOCK Sticky rice serving baskets, set of 3 - Serve sticky rice in the traditional Thai way.
Great for dinner parties or picnics!
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Serving set


NEW! "Complete Step-by-Step Fruit & Vegetable Carving" book
- Detailed directions for creating beautiful carvings.
Gorgeous photographs! Imported from Thailand.
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Carving Book


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_____________ HEALTHY THAI FOOD ______________

Is a good source of fiber:
Glutinous rice, 1 cup (200g) (cooked)
Calories: 169
Protein: 3.5g
Carbohydrate: 37g
Total Fat: 0.33g
Fiber: 1.7g
*Good source of: Selenium (9.7mcg)

Note: Sticky/glutinous rice does not contain gluten!

_____________ STICKY SIDE NOTES ______________

ROLL IT INTO A BALL & eat with your hands -

Dip into spicy sauces - like the Green Papaya Salad (recipe link below)
or bottled Sweet Chile Sauce - sticky rice is 'aloy' (delicious)!

Sweet Chile Sauce is Thailand's answer to Ketchup
- a good introduction to spicy foods for kids!

Buy Sweet Chile Sauce online here:
Sweet Chile Sauce

______________ RECIPE LINKS _________________

Sticky Rice with Mango
Kasma's Black Sticky Rice Pudding
Green Papaya Salad

Rice - The Sticky Staple
More about Black Sticky Rice

______________ STICKY RICE AROUND THE WORLD ______

Peanut Sticky Rice
Vegetarian Sticky Rice
Shanghai Sticky Rice Siu Mai
Korean Chicken Stew with Sticky Rice ('Samgyaetang')

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