Thai Fried Rice Cookbook, Sangdad Books

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Thai Fried Rice Cookbook

There is more than one way to make fried rice - you will find 46 recipes in this beautifully photographed book. Detailed recipes guide you to create dishes far beyond the Thai take out menu! Each recipe is written in both Thai and English with full page photograph.

Recipes : Khao Phad Pu, Khao Phad Sapparot, Khao Phad Thale Ruam, Khao Phad Phak Khana, Khao Phad Sam Kloe, Khao Phad Ham , Khao Phad American, Khao Phad Mu Ba-chaw, Khao Phad Pla Sa-din, Khao Phad Nawmai, Khao Phad Mu Si-iu, Khao Phad Khi Mao Kai, Khao Phad Kung Haeng, Khao Phad Ka-Phrao Kung, Khao Phad Hoi Lai, Khao Phad Hoi Malaeng Phu, Khao Phad Kung Hang Khai Daeng Khem, Khao Phad Neya San Kra-Thiam, Khao Phad Ton Kra-Thiam Had Hawm, Khao Phad Khana Mu Krob, Khao Phad Khai Haw, Khao Phad Muan Khai, Khao Phad Sawt Phrik, Khao Phad Kunchiang, Khao Phad Mu Yaw Thod, Khao Phad Dawk Kuichai Pla Meuk, Khao Phad Linji, Khao Phad Pheuak, Khao Phad Nai Phon Sapparot, Khao Phad Mu Yang, Khao Phad Naem, Khao Phad Neua Khem, Khao Phad Narok, Khao Phad Phet Pla Fu, Khao Phad Sataw, Khao Phad Phakkad Dawng, Khao Phad Nam Phrik Phao, Khao Phad Nam Phrik Kapi, Khao Phad Phrik Khing, Khao Phad Phrik Lukchin Pla, Khao Phad Chu-Chi Kung, Khao Phad Nam Phrik Song Khreuang, Khao Phad Kaeng Kai Kathi Sot, Khao Phad Med Bua, Khao Phad Kaolad.

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