Thai Vegetarian Cooking, Sangdad Books

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Thai Vegetarian Cooking

Learn Thai vegetarian recipes to add to your meals with this new modern, beautifully photographed Thai cookbook with step-by-step photographs imported from Sangdad Publishing, Thailand. Not just for vegetarians, find out how to improve your diet by adding healthy vegetarian dishes to your menu.

Here are just some of the vegetarian Thai recipes included in this book: Sweet Corn Patties, Seaweed Soup, Thai Eggplant Salad, Spicy TVP Salad, Massamun Curry, Stir-Fried Chayote Squash, Salty Tofu, Wonton Soup, Spicy Corn Patties, Jungle Curry, Golden Fried Wontons, and Vegetarian Tom Yum Goong. See below for a complete list of Thai vegetarian recipes.

Appetizers Garden salad with tri-color dressings Spicy stir-fried enoki mushrooms
Spring rolls with vegetable filling Garden salad with sesame oil dressing Stir-fried chayote
Crispy rice crackers with minced tofu dip Savory Phuket salad Stir-fried preserved Chinese radish with egg
Crunchy lemongrass with roasted chili sauce Green papaya salad Stir-fried vegetarian chicken with cashew nuts
Fried bread with mushroom spread Spicy Dips Stir-fried kale with vegetarian salted fish
Golden fried wonton Vegetarian shrimp paste dip Tasty shredded mushroom
Vegetarian rolls Roasted chili paste with tofu Omelet with fresh bean cured skin
Steamed crescents with mushroom filling Tangy tomato dip Spicy corn patties
Dried mushrooms and tofu with savory sauce Green tamarind dip Fried tofu with sweet tamarind sauce
Multi-grains pancake Crunchy green mango dip Savory fried tempeh
Spicy banana blossom fritters Aromatic chili dip Steamed and braised
Three-flavored crispy rice vermicelli Hog plum dip Steamed mushroom curry
Sweet corn patties Pickled Chinese olive dip Steamed egg custard with assorted mushrooms
Golden seaweed rolls Vegetarian ferment fish dip Braised tofu with herbs
Golden red onion nuggets Fermented soybean dip Traditional braised TVP
Soups Savory white tofu dip Salty tofu
Mushrooms and young coconut tom yum Curries Steamed tofu and mushrooms in soy sauce
Vegetarian tom yum kung Vegetarian roasted duck curry Braised shitake mushrooms in soy sauce
Vegetarian coconut galangal soup Red curry with assorted mushrooms Single dishes
Thai vegetarian soup Green curry with long green eggplants Phad thai with mung bean noodles
Bitter gourd soup with pickled mustard green Wax gourd and tofu curry Phad thai extra
Seaweed soup Sour soup with mixed vegetable Fried rice with tri-color vegetable
Wax gourd soup with pickled lime Jungle curry Rice seasoned with red fermented tofu
Braised tofu in five Chinese spices Southern yellow curry Stir-fried rice noodles with vegetable and sweet dark soy sauce
Braised hookee in soy sauce Vegetarian fish's entrails curry Rice noodle roll thick soup
Salads Mussamun curry Rice noodle roll clear soup
Grilled long green eggplant salad Panaeng curry Rice noodle with vegetarian brown soup
Crispy water morning glory with roasted chili dressing Tofu in chu chee sauce Fried rice noodle with mixed vegetables and gravy
Vegetarian crispy shrimp flake with spicy green mango salad Stir-fried and fried Rice noodles in red sauce
Vegetarian salted fish salad Spicy stir-fried TVP Vegetarian seafood sukiyaki
Thai eggplant salad Stir-fried long green eggplant Wonton soup
Spicy vegetarian salad Crisp-fried tofu in red curry sauce Vegetarian chicken rice
Vegetarian tuna and herbs salad Stir-fried mixed vegetables Vegetarian rice soup
Spicy green mango salad with mushroom tempura Stir-fried eryngii mushrooms with holy basil Vegetarian congee
Country-style TVP salad White tofu in mild curry sauce Fermented rice vermicelli with green curry
Spicy mushrooms salad Stir-friend mung-bean noodles with mixed vegetables Fermented rice vermicelli with chili peanut sauce
Spicy TVP sald Pan-fried shitake mushrooms Fermented rice vermicelli with banana blossom curry sauce
Tempeh with spicy mushrooms and green mango Stir-fried stinky bean in curry sance Southern rice salad with assorted vegetables

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