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Thai Food Menu - A Basic Meal

Thai cooking is very adaptable. Once the basics are learned, you are free to use the ingredients that are available to you.

Basic Thai Menu

Learn how to cook jasmine rice and a basic curry, and you have the basis for a delicious meal. Simple steamed vegetables, like cabbage, long beans, or eggplant, are a cooling accompaniment to a spicy Thai curry.

From there learn a simple soup like tom yum and later a salad (yam). Teach yourself how to make a spicy dipping sauce like nahm prik: shrimp paste (kapee) mixed with fresh hot chili peppers and spiked with lime juice. Serve these side-dishes (gup kao) with any Thai meal, such as fried fish or Thai curry.

Serve at Room Temperature

Thai cooking can be very relaxed because almost every dish can be served at room temperature. Cook the rice first and set aside to cool which makes it easier to eat with spicy foods! Curries and soups can be cooked next and just before serving stir-fry a vegetable. All dishes are placed on the table at once, making it great way to serve for a party. See Thai Meal, Dining Thai Style for more details.

Thai cooking at first can seem very foreign but if you put aside your preconceived ideas you will discover a cuisine that is open and ever changing. Don't be afraid to make a mistake- taste it and fix it with a little palm sugar, a little nam pla (fish sauce) or lime juice.

Thai cuisine is not a rigid science, so don't take Thai cooking too seriously. Get the basic ingredients and start experimenting!

Thai home-style recipes

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