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Traditional Carved Thai Golden Pumpkin Bowl

This traditional Thai-style golden pumpkin bowl is decorated with carved sage roses and used as a bowl to serve a Thai coconut milk dessert. This exquisitely beautiful pumpkin carving would make a unique addition to the holiday table this season to serve any sort of hot or cold dishes.

Carved Pumpkin Bowl

You will need:


  1. Wash the pumpkin. Cut open the top to make a lid. Then, cut a wave-like pattern on the rim of the bowl and the rim of the lid. Scrape to clean the inside of the bowl and lid to get rid of fibers and seeds.
  2. On the lid, carve 7 leaves. Cut away some flesh below each leaf to increase the relief. Carve the mid rib of each leaf. Cut 4 holes between leaves in an oblong diamond shape. (See picture)
  3. Cut a zigzag pattern on the rim of the bowl. (See picture) Rinse the bowl and lid with very cold water.
  4. Towel dry the inside of the bowl well before filling it with food so the food does not spoil easily.


To make carving easier, select a round and smooth pumpkin.

Do not soak pumpkin in water in order to avoid spoiling.

Pumpkin Bowl Step 1 Pumpkin Bowl Step 2
Pumpkin Bowl Step 3 Pumpkin Bowl Step 4
Thai Exquisite Cuisine & Art of Vegetable and Fruit Carving

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