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Eat your Way to Prosperity in the Chinese New Year

» 07 February 2014 » In Southeast Asian Food » 1 Comment

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Chinese New Year is celebrated around the world, traditionally for 16 days if you count the eve, and closes with the Lantern Festival. Celebrated with family and community, there are numerous foods typically served during this long festival, which are symbolic and hoped to ensure a year of happiness and prosperity, including eggs, roast pork and fish.

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Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse!

» 30 January 2014 » In Southeast Asian Food » No Comments

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For more than a billion people worldwide, January 31st marks the beginning of a new year – Chinese New Year 4712! Ringing in the Year of the Wooden Horse, the Lunar Festival beginning on Friday, is predicted to be a year of romance, adventure, extreme weather and financial market fluctuations by Chinese astrologists. At this […]

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