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Holiday Cooking Gift Ideas for Foodies

Kaitlyn Moore talks about more gift ideas for the holiday season.

Thai Holiday Candle Carving

Carving intricate decorative candles is a festive part of Thai celebrations

Since posting last week’s Holiday Gift Guide, I’ve been searching for more gifts to send to my family and friends back home in the USA. This guide has more interesting suggestions for exploring Thai desserts and drinks, along with Thai cooking kits – a perfect last-minute gift for the new or more experienced Thai cook!

Pad Thai Kit Tom Yum Set Super Satay Set Complete Thai Pantry

Even novice cooks will appreciate a One-Click Cooking Set. These kits give them everything they need to quickly whip up authentic dishes like Pad Thai, Tom Yum soup, or Satay with peanut sauce. Or really jump-start their cooking by stocking their entire pantry with Thai foods and sauces, along with a new wok!

Thai Coffee Thai Tea Vietnamese Coffee Roselle Tea

When focusing on Thailand’s exciting food, some people forget about their delicious drinks like Thai coffee and tea. Our Thai tea and coffee kits let the coffee-and-tea lover on your list create their favorite Thai drinks at home. Or try Vietnamese Trung Nguyen coffee for strongly flavored, earthy drip coffee. They might also enjoy trying exotic herbal alternatives like roselle tea or pandan leaf tea – these teas are caffeine-free and great for sipping at night.

Thai Dessert Book Salim Press Foi Tong Tool
Brass Wok Coconut Grater Kanom Krok Pan

Thai desserts are little-known outside of Thailand, but these unique puddings and candies are rewarding and fun to create at home. The book Step-by-Step Thai Desserts will get your loved one started with sweets like black sticky rice pudding and bananas in coconut milk. Sweet noodles called Salim are a great match with these recipes and serving techniques. People who have tasted Thai confectionery will be amazed how easily they can create Foi Tong with this tool, which drizzles four golden strands at once into flavored syrup. A non-reactive brass wok is traditional for making Thai desserts, and it also looks beautiful when displayed in a kitchen. All kinds of Thai desserts benefit from fresh coconut, and tools like this hand-held grater make short work of the sometimes difficult coconut processing. This kanom krok pan is perfect for warm coconut puddings, as well as mini European-style pancakes.

Image © 8-20-2010 FreedomMan/iStockphoto.com

Kaitlyn MooreAbout the Author, Kaitlyn Moore:

Kaitlyn is originally from North Carolina but moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, so that she could eat more noodles and avoid snow. She’s been abroad for over a year, with occasional stops in other parts of South and South East Asia.

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