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Cancer Fighting Thai Food

Several photochemicals, such as carotinoids, flavornoids, or anti-oxidative vitamins are widely known to reduce cancer risk. Edible plants used in Thai cuisine were tested for anti-tumor promoting activity.

It was found that 60% of these plants' methanol extracts inhibited Ebstein-Barr Virus by 30% or more. This is higher than previously observed in common edible plants in Japan (26%). (This information taken from

Among the plants tested, those which you can buy here in the US include: grachai, galangal, kaffir lime leaves and peel, lemongrass and cumin (available in our online Thai grocery).

These Thai ingredients are the common ingredients for many dishes in Thai cuisine, including the famous Tom Yum Soup, curries and curry pastes. So you can enjoy eating your favorite Thai dishes, knowing that it is also boosting your immune system. See each ingredients description in our online grocery, for more details about even more health benefits derived from these ingredients including alleviating fever, flu, cold, and headaches to name just a few.

See Thai recipes using these cancer fighting ingredients:

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