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The Nittaya Thai Curry Paste Factory in Action

» 25 September 2012 » In Thai Food & Drink » No Comments

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Karla visits the Nittaya Curry Paste factory in Rangsit, near Bangkok. This factory produces all of the delicious curry pastes sold by Nittaya. Their process is careful and labor-intensive, starting at 5 am when fresh herbs arrive at the factory doors . . .

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Thai Massaman Curry – A Hearty Winter Meal

» 12 December 2010 » In Thai Food & Drink » No Comments

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Massaman Curry is a little more complicated to prepare than other Thai curries, but the results are worth it. Read on to learn the step-by-step process of preparing Massaman Curry paste, making the curry, and serving it in traditional Thai, or in a foreign-fusion, style.

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How to Make Thai Green Curry – the Hard Way

» 01 October 2010 » In Thai Food & Drink » 4 Comments

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Temple of Thai’s staff writer visits a local Thai market to try a batch of Thai green curry from scratch. She finds, though, that making curry is harder than she expected – especially with the wrong kind of mortar and pestle. The next day, the homemade green curry paste turns into a Thai-European fusion green curry pasta sauce.

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