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Island Life: Chak Phra Festival

» 28 October 2011 » In Thai Tradtion and Culture » No Comments

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Around October time, the Chak Phra Festival is held in Thailand which celebrates a Buddhist holiday and signals the end of the three month rains retreat for monks. As with any Thai festival food plays an important part. Enjoy our photographs from the southern island of Koh Pha-Ngan.

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Thai Massaman Curry – A Hearty Winter Meal

» 12 December 2010 » In Thai Food & Drink » No Comments

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Massaman Curry is a little more complicated to prepare than other Thai curries, but the results are worth it. Read on to learn the step-by-step process of preparing Massaman Curry paste, making the curry, and serving it in traditional Thai, or in a foreign-fusion, style.

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Steamed Duck Egg Yolk – Kai Krob

» 24 August 2010 » In Thai Food & Drink » 2 Comments

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We recently posted this picture of brightly colored steamed duck egg yolks or Kai Krob (ไข่ครอบ) on our Facebook page and asked people to guess what they were, how they are cooked and why are they such a vibrant orange color. Several guesses were close but nobody mangaged to answer all three questions so it’s time to reveal all…

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