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How to Make Perfect Pad Thai Sauce Recipe Video

Continuing on with our step-by-step Thai cooking videos as part of our Perfect Pad Thai recipe, this short video shows you How to Make Perfect Pad Thai Sauce.

This Pad Thai Sauce recipe uses tamarind paste as the base and is combined with high-quality Thai fish sauce and palm sugar. It is an easy recipe and can be prepared in advance and kept refrigerated indefinitely. Also, this sauce recipe makes more then needed for the noodle recipe, so you can refrigerate any remaining sauce in a glass container for the next time.

Also see how to make your own Tamarind Water with another one of our short videos. Tamarind water is an ingredient in the sauce recipe. You can also find out How to Roast Peanuts, to give your Pad Thai dish the freshest, most delicious taste possible.

To find all the authentic Thai ingredients needed to make our Perfect Pad Thai, you can find all the ingredients here in our kit.

Perfect Pad Thai Kit - TempleofThai.com

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