Large Thai Brass Wok, Product of Thailand

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Thai Brass Wok

Perhaps the most important cooking tool in the Thai and Asian kitchen is the wok, because of its versatility. Woks distribute heat evenly and are excellent for stir frying, steaming and boiling. There are a variety of woks available on the market, including the carbon steel wok and the brass wok. The steel wok is the workhorse of the Asian kitchen and is used on an every day basis mainly for stir-frying.

This beautiful solid Brass Wok (kratha thawng in Thai) is mainly used for cooking Thai desserts but can also be used for preparing and serving soups and curries. Because it conducts heat evenly and due to its special characteristic of preserving the aroma and color of Thai desserts, it is the utensil of choice for making Thai kanom (desserts and sweet snacks). Brass does not react with the acids in fruit or fresh coconut, so syrups can be prepared without scorching. Some chefs also like to use this wok for making curries and soups, especially because it can be taken directly to the table for serving.

This cast brass wok is smooth and nicely shaped. Brass wok should be seasoned with oil before use to help prevent sticking. To maintain the wok rub the surface with lime or lemon juice to clean, then wash the brass with soapy water. Do not use abrasives, which may damage the brass. Product of Thailand.

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Dimensions: 12.5" width, 7" height(including handles); Wok (without handles): approximately 12" width; 4.5" height. Capacity approximately 12 to 14 cups.

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