Thai Dessert Cookware & Khanom Krok Pans

  • Step-by-Step Thai Desserts, Sangdad Books

    Step-by-Step Thai Desserts Cookbook

    This beautifully photographed book introduces exotic Thai desserts to the West. Thai desserts (kanom) are basically flour, water, coconut milk and eggs but come in a mulitude of variations.

    Price: $ 20.95
  • Kanom Krok Pan (Large), Imported from Thailand

    Kanom Krok Pan

    Use this large 28 hole Kanom Krok Pan to prepare the popular Thai street snack, Khanom Krok. These coconuty bite-sized sweets are best hot & fresh out of the grill with crispy edges and creamy centers. To get this taste, cook it at home! more details and recipe

    Price: $ 49.99
  • Khanom Krok Pan (Small), Temple of Thai

    Kanom Krok Pan

    Create delicious Thai coconut pancakes or Kanom krok at home. This marketplace favorite is a bite-size sweet and savory hotcake prepared with coconut milk and ground rice.

    Price: $ 22.99
  • Lotus Blossom Cookie Mold, Product of Thailand

    Lotus Blossom Cookie Mold

    Use this brass flower-shaped cookie mold to make delicious deep-fried, thin and crispy Lotus Blossom Cookies (ขนมดอกจอก, kanom dok jok in Thai), a favorite snack in Thailand

    Price: $ 41.99
  • Salim Making Press (L), Brass, Product of Thailand

    Salim Making Press (L), Brass Salim (sweet noodles in coconut milk) is a Thai sweet of multi-colored mung bean noodles or threads, sweetened with sugar syrup, flavored with jasmine, topped with coconut milk and served over crushed ice. This brass press is used to make the special noodles.
    Price: $ 39.29
  • Salim Press (Sweet Noodles in Coconut Milk), Product of Thailand

    Salim Press (Sweet Noodles in Coconut Milk)

    Salim (sweet noodles in coconut milk) is a Thai sweet of multi-colored mung bean noodles or threads, sweetened with sugar syrup, flavored with jasmine, topped with coconut milk and served over crushed ice. This press is used to make the special noodles.

    Price: $ 45.99
  • Thai Dessert Square Tray, Product of Thailand

    Thai Dessert Square Tray

    Thai dessert square tray is used for keeping some desserts like thai sweetmeat, agar or sweetened sticky rice dessert with custard or black bean. It is 11 by 11 inches width and 1.5 inch depth. Made of aluminum.

    Price: $ 18.29
  • Small Aluminum Tray for Dessert, Product of Thailand

    Small Aluminum Tray for Dessert

    Small Aluminum tray for Thai desserts, especially Kanom Mor Kaeng (Thai Mung Bean Custard), with 5 trays included in this set.

    Price: $ 9.99
  • Thai Snack Kanom Buang Tool, Product of Thailand

    Kanom Berng Making Tool

    Kanom Berng Making Tool is made of wood which is durable for the heat. This tool is using for making Thai style crispy taco called Kanom Berng.

    Price: $ 11.99
  • Thai Peanut Cookie (Tuar Tuad) Ladle, Product of Thailand

    Tuar Tuad Making Ladle

    Tuar Tuad Making Ladle use for frying traditional Thai peanut cookies called Tuar Tuad. Dimensions: width 3 inches, and length 8 inches. Comes in two pieces, made of stainless steel.

    Price: $ 14.19
  • Wood Paddle 17", Product of Thailand

    Wood Paddle 17"

    Wood Paddle imported from Thailand. Use for stirring desserts. Length 17 inch. Width 2 1/2 inch.

    Price: $ 11.19
  • Krathong Thong Mold, Imported from Thailand

    Krathong Thong Mold

    Use this brass mold to make the Thai appetizer, Krathong Golden Cups. Light, crispy fried flour batter cups are filled with delightful Thai fillings to create a tasty bite-size snack...more details and recipe

    Price: $ 33.59
  • Foi Thong Maker, Product of Thailand

    Foi Thong Maker

    With our stainless steel Foi Tong tool it is possible to make this traditional Thai sweet or dessert  of spun thread-like egg yolks and sugar. Symbolizing longevity and everlasting love, it is a part of all auspicious ceremonies.

    Price: $ 19.99
  • Klong Klang Mold Press (ครองแครงกรอบ), Product of Thailand

    Klong Klang Making Press

    This Thai Fried Cookie tool (ไม้พิมพ์ครองแครง mai pim krong kreng in Thai) is used for making the classic Thai dessert, krong krang krob (ครองแครงกรอบ) - a crispy curl-shaped Thai cookie made with wheat flour. This Thai dessert is easy to make at home without any complicated step. This fried cookie is seasoned with garlic, pepper, and coriander root.

    Price: $ 7.79
  • Ceramic Cake Bowl, Product of Thailand

    Ceramic Cake Bowl

    The small ceramic bowl is used for making Thai coconut dessert. One order contains 12 bowls.

    Price: $ 7.29
  • Dried Banana Leaf (Kra Thong) Cup, Product of Thailand

    Dried Banana Leaf (Kra Thong) Cup

    This Banana Leaf cup called krathong in Thai is made from the leaves of the banana plant. It is used for cooking various types of Thai dessert. The cup is about 3 inch diameter and 1 inch deep and one package contains 200 cups.

    Price: $ 13.79
  • Cake Mold, Product of Thailand

    Cake mold

    Cake Mold is used for pressing dessert especailly mung bean cake.

    Price: $ 5.29
  • Dessert Mold, Product of Thailand

    Dessert Mold

    Dessert mold contains 5 various patterns suitable for making mini cake or custard. Length 8 3/4 inch, width 1 3/4 inch.