Asian Grills & Hot Serving

  • Thai Clay Hot Pot with Sterno, Product of Thailand

    Clay Pot with Sterno

    This unglazed natural Thai Clay Hot Pot seals in nutrients and cooks up savory dishes. Its perfect for hot soups like famous Tom Yum, Tom Kha and clear vegetable soups

    Price: $ 32.99
  • Thai Clay Fish Platter with Stove, Product of Thailand

    Thai Clay Fish Platter with Stove

    Fish platter made of clay can keep your fish dishes warm ready for serving. This set comes with platter and stove base as well as sterno. The fish is 18" long, 6.5" wide and 2" deep. The stove is 11" long, 6.5" wide and 6.5" high.

    Price: $ 43.29
  • Thai Fish-shaped Heated Serving Dish, Imported from Thailand

    Fish Grill

    This type of serving platter is often used in Thailand's famous seafood restaurants with hot charcoals or tea lights inside the lower chamber to keep the food steaming hot at table side

    Price: $ 29.99
  • Thai Hot Pot Soup Bowl, Crocodile

    Thai Soup Serving Bowl

    Serve Tom Yum Goong (Thai Lemongrass Shrimp Soup) in style at your next dinner party in this Thai Hot Pot Soup Serving Bowl. Keep soup hot by placing a small tea light candle inside a special chamber under the bowl

    Price: $ 23.99
  • Korean BBQ Grill Stove Top, Product of Korea

    Korean BBQ Grill Stove Top

    Korean-style BBQ grill is used for grilling various kinds of meat, chicken or seafood ingredients like shrimp or fresh squid.

    Price: $ 39.89
  • Asian Tabletop Charcoal Grill, Product of Thailand

    Asian Tabletop Charcoal Grill

    Asian Tabletop Charcoal Grill is used for grilling sliced meat called Moo Kra Tha in Thai. It's a popular Thai-style BBQ grill using various kinds of meat, chicken or seafood ingredients like shrimp or fresh squid. The edge of BBQ pan can also boil vegetable and bean thread.

    Price: $ 35.79
  • Sizzling Platter, Product of China

    Sizzling Platter

    Sizzling Platter cooking is becoming popular in restaurants like Pepper Lunch in Japan and is used for hot dishes including Sizzling Beef with Rice Curry and Beef Steak. Hot foods arrive at the table with a sizzling sound, delighting the diner...more details

    Price: $ 23.99
  • Thai Charcoal Outdoor Stove (Tao), Product of Thailand

    Thai Charcoal BBQ Stove (Tao)

    This old-fashioned Thai-style Charcoal Stove is still widely in use in Thailand, both at home an in the market. For the modern home, it is not only great for BBQ, but also perfect for wok cooking outdoors.

    Price: $ 29.99
  • Hot Pot Brass Skimmer (2-pc), Product of Thailand

    Hot Pot Brass Skimmer (2-pck)

    These Hot Pot Brass Skimmers are used for cooking meat, vegetable, bean thread or other portions for Suki (Sukiyaki).

    Price: $ 7.79
  • Sterno, Unbranded


    Sterno for hot pot soup bowl.

    Price: $ 5.89