Steamers & Rice Cookers

  • Sticky Rice Steamer Set: Basket and Pot, Diamond

    Sticky Rice Steamer Set: Basket with Pot

    This Sticky Rice Steamer Set is essential cooking equipment for preparing sticky rice at home. Simply boil water in the metal steamer pot and steam the pre-soaked sticky rice on top in the basket, covered with a lid...more details and video

    Price: $ 17.99
  • Sticky Rice Steamer Basket, Imported from Thailand

    Steamer Basket for Sticky Rice

    Use this bamboo basket to steam soaked sticky rice over boiling water in the rice steaming pot

    Price: $ 6.00
  • Sticky Rice Steamer Basket U, Product of Thailand

    Sticky Rice Steamer Basket U Shape

    Place this U-shaped natural bamboo basket on top of a pot of boiling water to easily and efficiently steam Thai sticky rice.

    Price: $ 8.49
  • Sticky Rice Steamer Pot, Diamond

    Metal Pot for Sticky Rice Steamer

    Use this steamer pot to steam sticky rice. Bring water to a rolling boil and cook the soaked sticky rice in the basket placed over the boiling water, cover with any pot lid

    Price: $ 10.99
  • Cheesecloth, Imported from Thailand


    This large 100% cotton open weave cheesecloth is sometimes used to prepare Thai sticky rice. Soak the rice, steam in a sticky rice steaming set and covered with the cloth, to prevent rice from drying out.

    Price: $ 11.99
  • Chinese Steamer, 24 cm, Diamond

    Chinese Steamer, 24 cm

    The steamer is a common utensil in the Asian kitchen. This three layer aluminum Chinese Steamer comes in a variety of sizes and it's used for such Oriental dishes as steamed whole fish, crab, seafood, vegetables and Chinese dim sum. This is the smallest steamer we sell, at 12 inches diameter, making it easier to store and clean up but sometimes too small to steam large whole fishes.

    Price: $ 35.99
  • Chinese Steamer, 30 cm, Diamond

    Chinese Steamer, 30 cm

    This Aluminum Chinese Steamer enables you to cook large amounts of food at one time or to prepare several dishes at once, saving time and energy. Aluminum steamers conduct heat better then bamboo steamers and last longer. This is the medium sized steamer at 12 inches in diameter.

    Price: $ 59.99
  • Chinese Steamer, 40 cm, Diamond

    Chinese Steamer, 40 cm

    The Chinese Steamer is an essential piece of kitchenware for serious Asian cooks. This type of cookware is still in use all over Asia, because it is so versatile, easy to use and inexpensive. This size is the largest we sell and is approximately 16 inches in diameter.

    Price: $ 69.99
  • Bamboo Steamer, Product of China

    Bamboo Steamer

    Bamboo Steamer with two tiers for steaming Chinese dumplings, Thai sweets and savories, steamed banana leaf cups of curried fish mousse (haw moek and more. This bamboo steamer will help you prepare healthy, low-fat Asian meals in minutes...more details and recipe

    Price: $ 15.86
  • Rice Cooker (3 cup), Product of China

    Rice Cooker

    Rice cooker can be used for cook rice and also other steamed food. Mading your life easier, the electric rice cooker (110 V) can cook rice and also comes with steamer accessory which is suitable for steaming vegetables, fish and meat.

    Price: $ 36.59
  • Stainless Steel Steamer with Glass Lid, Product of China

    3 Tier Stainless Steel Steamer

    The steamer is a common utensil in the Asian kitchen. This three layer Stainless Steel Steamer can be used for Oriental dishes such as steamed fish, crab, seafood, vegetables and Chinese dim sum.

    Price: $ 42.59