Woks & Wok Tools

  • Carbon Steel Wok 17", Product of Thailand

    Carbon Steel Wok 17 "

    Steel wok from Thailand can be used with any kind of cooking especially stir-fries dishes. Made from steel which is long-lasting and easy to clean.

    Price: $ 28.59
  • 13" Wok with Ring, Product of Taiwan

    Wok with Ring

    The round shape of the wok makes it ideal for stir-frying, deep-frying or steaming. This 13" wok is a standard size for household cooking and comes with a ring for the stove.

    Price: $ 24.89
  • Large Thai Brass Wok, Product of Thailand

    Thai Brass Wok

    This beautiful solid Brass Wok (kratha thawng in Thai) is mainly used for cooking Thai desserts but can also be used for preparing and serving soups and curries.

    Price: $ 109.99
  • Perfect Pad Thai Kit with Wok, Temple of Thai

    Pad Thai Ingredients Kit with Wok

     This Perfect Pad Thai Kit with 13" wok includes all of the ingredients you need to make our Perfect Pad Thai Recipe (recipe card included).

    Price: $ 48.99
  • Thai Pantry Kit, Product of Thailand

    Thai Ingredients for your Pantry

    Our Thai Pantry Kit contains all the basic ingredients for cooking your favorite Thai recipes at home.

    Price: $ 112.79
  • Wok Ring (Burner Collar), Product of China

    Wok Ring

    Wok Ring. The bottom of the wok is rounded and a wok ring (burner collar) allows the wok to sit firmly over the flame of your burner, because Western stoves were not designed for use with a wok

    Price: $ 5.49
  • Wok Bamboo Brush, Product of China

    Wok Bamboo Brush

    Bamboo Brush is used for cleaning the wok. Made form bamboo stripes gathered in a bunch. It is about 10 inch long.

    Price: $ 4.99
  • Tempura Tongs and Strainer, Product of China

    Tempura Tongs and Strainer

    This stainless steel two-in-one tempura strainer and tongs is a brilliantly designed product for deep frying food. A good idea for an interesting gift and ideal for cooking Japanese-style food and Thai noodles.

    Price: $ 9.49
  • Chopsticks for Cooking, Product of China

    Chopsticks for Cooking

    Chopsticks may seem awkward to use at first but with practice it becomes fun to use them, especially for cooking. These extra long chopsticks are ideal for kitchen jobs like putting spring rolls into hot oil

    Price: $ 4.99
  • Tempura Rack, Product of China

    Tempura Rack

    The Tempura Rack is placed over wok and used for conveniently draining the excess oil from fried food directly back in the pan.

    Price: $ 8.19
  • Wok Spatula (Shovel), Seagull

    Wok Spatula (Shovel), Seagull Brand

    Wok Shovel (turner, charn, spatula or daliew in Thai) is used for stir frying in a wok. The shovel helps to turn the food to cook it evenly. The rounded shape of the end of the turner is ideal for the curved surface of the wok

    Price: $ 14.99
  • Thai Spider Skimmer for Frying, Imported from Thailand

    Thai Brass & Wood Spider Skimmer

    Use this Bamboo Handled Wire Mesh Strainer (or Skimmer) when deep fat frying wontons, egg rolls, and appetizers. Also great for boiling pasta, dumplings, noodles, vegetables or meat for soups...more details

    Price: $ 10.19
  • Carbon Steel Wok 13", Product of Taiwan

    Carbon Steel Wok Wood Handle

    The round shape of the wok makes it ideal for stir-frying, deep-frying or steaming. This 13" wok is a standard size for household cooking

    Price: $ 21.99