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Kiwi Kom Kom brand knives should be part of every good kitchen. Ideal for preparing fruits and vegetables and for all general kitchen cutting and slicing tasks, no self respecting Thai kitchen would be without at least one. They are also perfect for practicing the fine art of fruit & vegetable carving. has selected one of our Cleavers as one of it's top kitchenware products (the 8" Chefs Knife, #21, Kom Kom).

Kiwi Kom Kom cleaver - SAVEUR Selects

  • Flexible Thai Peeling Knife, Kiwi

    Flexible Thai Peeling Knife, Kiwi Deba-style flexible Thai Knife #171 Kiwi made from high-quality stainless steel blade and wooden handle with appropriate shape. This knife is best suitable for cutting or slicing fruits, vegetables, meats and other kitchen works.
    Price: $ 6.99
  • Classic Thai Cooks Knife, 8", Kiwi

    Thai Cooks Knife

    Kiwi brand knives from Thailand are amazingly good cutters and are so inexpensive you shouldn't leave our store without at least one #21 Kiwi kitchen knife. Some say this is the best, most versatile knife in existence

    Price: $ 10.99
  • 8" Chefs Cleaver Knife, #21, Kom Kom

    8" Chefs Knife

    Imported from Thailand, Kom-Kom's Thai chef's knife is a characteristically Asian variation of those commonly used in the West. Renowned amongst Asian chefs to be of the highest quality, no Thai kitchen is complete without one of these versatile knives. Featured as a selected knife on

    Price: $ 14.99
  • 8" Chef's Knife, Rectangle Blade, #22, Kom Kom

    Eight Inch Knife, Rectangle Blade

    Commonly seen in all of the provinces of the kingdom of Thailand, the rectangular chef's knife is similar to a butcher's knife in terms of design. Well known amongst Thai chefs throughout Thailand, these versatile knives are particularly useful when working with pork and beef.

    Price: $ 15.99
  • 8" Chinese Cleaver (813), Kiwi

    8" Chinese Cleaver Kiwi This Chinese-style cleaver from Kiwi Brand is just the right size for your Thai kitchen making it perfect for smashing garlic and chopping meat for Thai salads such as Larb Moo (North Eastern Thai Spicy Pork Salad)
    Price: $ 11.99
  • 3" Asian Mini Cleaver (504), Kom Kom

    Asian Mini Cleaver Knife

    Imported from Thailand, this is Kom-Kom's rendition of a characteristically unique type of blade. A high quality tool that is rapidly gaining popularity in five-star establishments and high class Thai restaurants.

    Price: $ 9.99
  • Straight-Edged Utility Knife (152), Kom Kom

    Asian Kitchen Knife

    Imported from Thailand, the Kom-Kom Utility Knife is a high grade all-purpose kitchen knife. A considerably useful blade and a valuable tool for all kitchens.

    Price: $ 11.99
  • 6" Cleaver Yellow Plastic Handle (810), Kom Kom

    6" Cleaver Yellow Plastic Handle (810) 6" Cleaver Yellow Plastic Handle (810) is well designed for chopping meat or hard food ingredients.
    Price: $ 13.99
  • 6" Cleaver (Special Blade) Plastic Handle, Kom Kom

    6" Cleaver (Special Blade) Plastic Handle 6" Cleaver with special blade from Kom Kom is the recommended knife using for cutting bones or chopping works.
    Price: $ 24.99
  • 7" Cleaver Yellow Plastic Handle (846P), Kom Kom

    7" Cleaver Yellow Plastic Handle (846P) Kom Kom cleaver with appropriated size and excellent special stainless steel blade made your cutting or kitchen works more easier.
    Price: $ 17.99
  • 7" Cleaver (Special Blade) Plastic Handle 870P, Kom Kom

    7" Cleaver (Special Blade) Plastic Handle 870P Chinese Style Cleaver suitable for kitchen works especially for chopping or cutting hard ingredients, most recommended for your kitchen !
    Price: $ 36.95
  • 8" Chinese Cleaver (813), Kom Kom

    8" Chinese Cleaver

    This Chinese-style cleaver (Kom Kom brand)  is just the right size for your Thai kitchen making it perfect for smashing garlic and chopping meat for Thai salads such as Larb Moo (North Eastern Thai Spicy Pork Salad)

    Price: $ 17.99
  • 12" Long Blade Watermelon Knife, Kom Kom

    Long blade watermelon knife, KomKom 12" Long blade watermelon slicing knife by the Kom Kom knife company, Bangkok, imported to the USA by Temple of Thai.
    Price: $ 15.99
  • Knife Sharpening Stone, Product of China

    Knife Sharpening Stone

    Use this Knife Sharpening Stone (honing stone, whet stone) to hone and grind your kitchen knives, cooking utensils and garnishing tools

    Price: $ 8.89
  • Knife and Tool Sharpener, Accusharp

    Knife and Tool Sharpener

    With the AccuSharp you can sharpen each of your knives in mere seconds without worrying about the painful injuries often sustained when using more conventional types of sharpeners. Limited lifetime warranty by Accusharp, U.S.A. Recommended by professional fruit carver, Chef Ray Duey.

    Price: $ 10.99
  • Nylon Knife Roll, Product of China

    Professional Black Nylon Knife Roll

    Professional nylon knife roll with pockets for securely and safely storing and carrying your kitchen knives and tools.

    Price: $ 13.99
  • Set: Two 8" Chef's Knives, Kom Kom

    Set: 8" Chefs Knives

    Imported from Thailand, Kom-Kom's chef knives are a unique pair of Asian-style blades that were adapted specifically for Thai cuisine. Highly regarded for their long-lasting quality and practicality, this complimentary pair of Kom-Kom chef knives are frequently found together in the Asian kitchens.

    Price: $ 30.00
  • Bone Cleaver Wooden Handle, Product of China

    Asian Bone Cleaver, Wooden Handle

    This Chinese-style cleaver is just the right size for your Thai kitchen making it perfect for chopping meat and bones.

    Price: $ 25.59
  • Kiwi Utility Knife # 502, Kiwi

    Kiwi Utility Knife # 502

    This Kiwi brand Asian Fruit Knife is a resilient stainless steel utility knife designed for cutting fruits and vegetables. A highly recommend addition to your kitchen to make your work more efficient and time-saving.

    Price: $ 9.19
  • Asian Paring Knife 4", Kom Kom

    Asian Paring Knife, Kom-Kom

    This Kom-Kom brand Asian Fruit Knife is a resilient stainless steel paring knife designed for cutting fruits and vegetables in hand. An essential knife for any productive kitchen and a favorite tool here at the Temple of Thai!


Kiwi Kom Kom Logo

Caveat emptor: In recent years, because of their popularity, Kiwi & Kom Kom brand knives are being illegally counterfeited in China and Pakistan. Sometimes difficult to discern from the original brand, these knock-offs are of inferior quality. Now the Kiwi Kom Kom company is proud to annouce a new line of high quality knives, their Kom Kom brand. The Kom Kom knives are of higher standard and quality and are not readily available in retail stores outside of Thailand. Temple of Thai, USA imports these knives directly from the Kiwi and Kom Kom Company to America. See details below to compare the two brands, both of which are available for sale here in our store.

Genuine Kiwi Kom Kom Thailand — Beware of Inferior Counterfeits

The Kom-Kom brand knives are more expensive and of better quality compared to the original Kiwi brand made by the same Thai company, which is cheaper and also a good inexpensive, everyday knife. When compared side-by-side the quality of the both the wood and metal used is higher in the Kom Kom brand. Additionally in some models, the tang runs down about 80% of the handle in the Kom Kom model, compared to half tang with the Kiwi and there are more rivets in the Kom-Kom handle compared to the Kiwi brand. The Kom-Kom brand is usually slightly heavier than the Kiwi. The blade is stamped Kom Kom (as opposed to just simply Kiwi).

As per the Kiwi & Kom Kom company these are differences between 2 brands which they manufacture:

· Less expensive than the Kom-Kom brand
· Fewer production processes compared to the Kom-Kom brand
· If you prefer to sharpen your knife regularly, you may prefer the Kiwi brand, which has a very thin blade

· Higher priced compared to the Kiwi brand of knives
· Passes through more processes of production compared to the Kiwi brand
· Keeps an edge longer if kept in a good condition, lessening the need for sharpening
· In addition, the Kom Kom brand knives are packaged in retail blister packages