7" Cleaver (Special Blade) Plastic Handle 870P, Kom Kom

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7" Cleaver (Special Blade) Plastic Handle 870P

The best choice for chopping and dicing meats, slicing vegetables, and crushing seasonings is this 7” butcher's cleaver, with a traditional Chinese cleaver blade. Sure to be the kitchen knife you most often reach for, this cleaver knife is perfect for chopping poultry bones, mincing meats, and cutting perfect-size vegetable pieces. This heavy, high-quality blade cuts straight through meat that is still on the bone. With an easy-to-clean and hold yellow plastic handle, this knife has the stainless-steel blade that we most recommend. Use this knife for both fine knife work and large jobs that require cutting large amounts of meat.

This meat cleaver stays at its sharpest when hand-washed.

Compared to the other popular Thai knife brand, Kiwi, Kom Kom knives are produced to a higher standard and have superior specifications. Kom Kom knives have a reputation as a great everyday kitchen knife, and this cleaver continues in their tradition.


  • Kom Kom Chinese-style cleaver, imported from Thailand
  • Heavy 7” blade easily chops through bone
  • Accurate and sharp for fine cutting
  • Has Kom Kom's highest-quality blade, made of stainless steel

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