6" Cleaver (Special Blade) Plastic Handle, Kom Kom

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6" Cleaver (Special Blade) Plastic Handle

Every cook can find a use for this Chinese style butcher's cleaver.

With a 6” blade, this meat cleaver is easy to control and perfect for either finely dicing meat or crushing garlic and other seasonings. This super-sharp cleaver knife blade, made of Kom Kom’s highest-quality stainless steel, can easily mince all kinds of meats, chop through poultry and other small bones, and accurately slice vegetables. If you want to serve meat still on the bone, Thai-style, this Chinese cleaver will chop through both meat and bone at the same time.

This cleaver knife has our highest-recommended stainless-steel blade, set into a distinctive yellow plastic handle that is easy to clean and hold. This cleaver is best for both large jobs that require cutting through large amounts of meat, and finer work.

Hand-wash this meat cleaver to make sure it stays at its sharpest.

Kom Kom knives are the highest-quality Thai knives, and this knife boasts their highest-quality steel blade. It is ideal to use every day, and will look amazing in your kitchen or on your serving board. This high-quality steel blade is heat-treated, tempered, and sharpened, making this one of the longest-lasting and sharpest cleavers you can find.


  • Authentic imported Thai Kom Kom knife
  • Chops through meat, tough vegetables, and bone alike
  • Sharp and accurate for slicing
  • The highest-quality Kom Kom steel blade

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