Asian Paring Knife 4", Kom Kom

Asian Paring Knife, Kom-Kom

This small Kom-Kom Asian Fruit Knife is a light weight paring knife for performing kitchen tasks with ease. It is especially useful when working with small ingredients such as strawberries, figs, apricots, etc.

This Asian Fruit Knife was especially designed for keeping steady control of fruits and vegetables when cutting in hand (i.e. peeling, turning, paring, trimming, etc). They are light and versatile tools that are ergonomically designed to make common tasks quick and easy to perform. The distinctively spear-shaped blade is 4 inches long, the blade extending about a third of the way down the 3.5 inch handle with a thickness of 1mm and width of 1 inch at the base.

The Kom-Kom Asian Fruit Knife is a light and durable cutting tool that works as a comfortable extension to one’s fingers and often eliminates the need for a cutting surface. With a curved edge and good balance between blade and handle, the fruit knife is a very sensible choice for handheld cutting in which accuracy and lightness are vitally important. Moreover, fruit knives are very useful for repetitious tasks such as trimming and de-seeding.

Fruit knives make excellent all-purpose blades and are especially useful when handling small ingredients. They are also suitable for everyday activities such as mincing garlic, trimming herbs, de-veining prawns, or removing spines from chili peppers.

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