Peelers & Slicers

  • Miracle Knife, Zig-zagged, Kom Kom

    Miracle Knife Zig-Zagged, Kom Kom

    This highly versatile zig-zagged blade Kom-Kom miracle knife is an original invention with an adjustable blade and a variety of different functions and settings. Immensely popular and ideal for making papaya salad, coring fruit and julienne peeling of vegetables.

    Price: $ 12.95
  • Miracle Knife, Double-Edge, Kom Kom

    Miracle Knife Double-Edge, Kom Kom

    The imported double-edged Kom-Kom miracle knife is an innovative and useful tool which is a development on more traditional types of peeler. These handy utensils are now commonly available throughout Thailand due to their usefulness and originality.

    Price: $ 12.95
  • Melon Baller, Product of Taiwan, 4.0 oz

    Melon Baller This tool is suitable for scooping melon into rounded shape.
    Price: $ 10.59
  • Pro-Slice Vegetable Peeler (Pink), Kiwi

    Pro-Slice Straight-Edged Kiwi

    Kiwi brand pro-peeler with a straight edge cutting blade and distincitive pink color handle. Like it's blue handled counterpart it's cherished throughout the kitchens of the Thai kingdom for its utility and affordability.

    Price: $ 8.99
  • Crinkle Cutter Knife, (Yellow), Kom Kom

    Crinkle or Corrugated Cutter Knife

    Imported from Thailand, Kom-Kom's large Crinkle Cut Decorative Knife (Kom-Kom #11) can be used to cut zig-zagged corrugated slices of fruits such as watermelon, pineapple or papaya and hard vegetables like potatoes and carrots with just one cut. An effective tool which one can produce lavish decorative vegetable and fruit displays in a matter of seconds.

    Price: $ 15.99
  • Crinkle Cutter Knife, Wood Handle, 5" (019), Kom Kom

    Asian Kitchen Knife

    The Kom-Kom Decoration Knife (#019), imported from Thailand. A wave-edged stainless steel knife used throughout the world for visual enhancement and fruit and vegetable carving.

    Price: $ 11.99
  • Pro-Slice Papaya Shredder (Blue), Kiwi

    Pro-slice, Kiwi brand shredder

    Stainless steel Kiwi Pro-Slice with wavy-edge blade imported from Thailand. Valued throughout the South-east Asia, they're safe, useful, and affordable. Frequently spotted in use by Bangkok street vendors shredding papayas for papaya salad, it's a highly versatile general purpose kitchen slicing and shredding tool.

    Price: $ 8.99