Handmade Fruit & Vegetable Carving Knives

Thai Handmade Carving KnivesHigh quality handmade fruit and vegetable carving knives made in Thailand are widely used in the world of professional fruit carving. The Thai carving knives here are crafted in traditional styles by Thai artisans and have been used by professional fruit carvers in Thailand for years.

These knives are lightweight and ideal for long hours of intricate carving work. The unique blades are strong, flexible, thin and sharp they cut with precision. Carving with these knives feels balanced and comfortable and the blades hold their sharp-edge through hours of use.

  • Silver Demi Vegetable & Fruit Carving Knife, Temple of Thai

    Demi Vegetable & Fruit Carving Knife

    This fruit & vegetable carving knife is a smaller 'mini' or demi version of our Professional Thai Flexible Carving Knife. This knife comes in two parts: the handle with a pointed tip and the blade, which is screwed into the handle for use. To store, the blade end is inserted into the hollow handle and screwed securely.

    Price: $ 39.99
  • Traditional Thai Carving Knife, Product of Thailand

    Traditional Thai Carving Knife

    This Traditional-style Thai Fruit and Vegetable carving knife has a cap for placing over the knife blade when it is not in use to protect the blade from damage. Decorated with a metal ring around the circumference of the top of the knife and a woodgrain appearance. The dimension of the handle is contoured to "fit" the hand better & make carving easier.

    Price: $ 43.99
  • Thai Flexible Carving Knife, Temple of Thai

    Professional Garde Manger Carving Knife

    The handmade lacquer-styled detail knife has a flexible and symmetrical blade. The stylishly decorated handle and razor sharp blade make this knife a joy to carve with.

    Price: $ 39.99
  • Black and Gold Carving Knife Pen, Temple of Thai

    Luxury Black & Gold Carving Knife Pen

    Our elegant Black and Gold Pen Style Thai Carving Knife is our luxury fruit and vegetable carving knife. Designed like a pen with an elegant black with gold clip screw-on-cap, the handle is covered in an embossed golden Chinese design. Now also available in Silver and Black.

    Price: $ 49.99
  • Carving Knife in Wood Sheath, Temple of Thai

    Handmade Thai Fruit Carving Knife in Wood Sheath

    Our handmade wood-handled bird's beak knives are the finest and most practical fruit carving knives that money can buy. Perfect for all skill levels, these knives also make excellent gifts.

    Price: $ 25.99
  • Screw Cap Fruit Carving Knife, Temple of Thai

    Fruit and vegetable carving knife with screw cap

    This Screw Cap Fruit and Vegetable Carving Knife features a cap or cover which is screwed on to protect the sharp steel carving blade and for convenient and safe transport. It has the same type of flexible thin super sharp blade as our Thai Flexible Carving Knife.

    Price: $ 39.99
  • Set: Screw Cap Fruit Carving Knife & Carving Knife in Wood Sheath, Temple of Thai

    Set: Thai Flexible Knife & Carving Knife in Wood Sheath

    This imported set of handmade Thai fruit carving knives are high-end carving tools that are also beautifully crafted. An essential pair for any avid collector, the handmade carving knife set is a rare treasure and an elegant addition to any productive kitchen.

    Price: $ 59.99
  • Dual Blade Professional Fruit Carving Knife, Temple of Thai

    Dual Blade Professional Fruit Carving Knife, TempleofThai.com Our new dual blade professional fruit and vegetable carving knife gives you two different blades cleverly nested within the handles. The sharp steel blade is two-headed, with a screw base, so it can be turned around for an entirely different carving blade.
    Price: $ 59.99
  • Portable 4 Blade Professional Fruit Carving Knives Set, Temple of Thai

    Portable 4 Blade Professional Carving Knife Set This handy Thai professional fruit and vegetable carving knife set comes in a pocket-sized hard carrying case which is both portable and protective of the super-sharp flexible blades