Thai Flexible Carving Knife, Temple of Thai

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Professional Garde Manger Carving Knife

This is perhaps the most famous of the various types of Thai fruit carving knives available. Not only is it beautiful but it is also very, very sharp with a surprisingly flexible one and three quarter-inch stainless steel blade. Hand-crafted in Thailand by skilled knife makers, this is a must-have carving knife for the serious chef garde manger. It is sometimes misleadingly referred to as a decorating knife.

Though designed primarily for more advanced fruit and vegetable carvers, this handmade Thai flexible curved carving knife is also very popular amongst knife collectors and has successfully been used by beginners to learn the art of fruit carving. The knife is adorned with a traditional Thai pattern, often seen in Lanna Thai architecture, with flowing, vibrant colors on a shiny metallic sticker. The sheath is made of plastic and is covered with the same traditional Thai design sticker.

Unlike the other fruit carving knives in our store, the flexible detail carving knife can be used to carry out the functions of both a bird's beak knife and a seeding knife. However, this may well require more experience and skill on the carver's behalf. As well as being used for more delicate carving and seeding, the pointed tip enables the carver to trace designs in fruit and vegetables before cutting.

Made of strong lightweight stainless steel metal, the detail knife is well-balanced and pleasing to work with. The knife has a round, tubular, metal handle with a long thin very sharp slightly triangular-edged blade and a pointed end which may be used for etching the carving pattern. The tubular shape of the handle makes it easy to rotate the knife to work on very detailed and intricate carvings.

Details: Please note that this carving knife comes in several different colors and we cannot guarantee what color you will receive. We recommend hand-washing these Thai knives in mild soap water and carefully drying with a towel before storing. Not dishwasher safe.

Dimensions: Total length of knife with cover 6.88", uncovered  6.10"; stainless steel blade length 1.77" 

Product Features

  • Beautifully crafted by hand in Thailand and decorated with traditional Thai design
  • Excellent collectors item
  • High-quality hardened stainless steel blade
  • Ideal for showing off as part of fruit and vegetable carving display
  • Comes with tight sheath, protecting the blade

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