Garnishing Tools & Garde Manger Sets

Chef garde manger garnishingCreate clean cuts with our Garde Manger Carving Sets: Corrugated U-Cutters, U and V-shaped Carving Tools and new Fruit Art Carving Set for creating modern edible art from vegetables and fruits. Crafted from super strong stainless steel, these durable and extra sharp culinary tools are perfect for creating both wavy and straight U & V-shaped cuts.

The linear U & V shaped tools and the corrugated serrated garnishing tools are essential equipment for the professional chef garde manger. These are great tools for quickly creating edible arrangements and fruit decorations, especially from melon and watermelons.

Complete your carving tool kit by adding our new Vegetable and Fruit Art Carving Set to your knife collection. This set of six unique tools are handcrafted in Thailand by skilled Thai artisans who specialize in knives for the fine art of fruit and vegetable carving. Purchase all three sets and unleash your creativity in shaping, forming and finishing your carved vegetable and fruit masterpieces!