U & V Tools for Fruit Carving (Set of 6), Temple of Thai

U & V Tools for Fruit Carving (Set of 6)

This six piece set of U and V-shaped garnishing tools is elegantly crafted, razor sharp, and superbly practical for the art of Thai fruit and vegetable carving. Each tool is intelligently designed with its own diametric U and V equivalents which serve the purpose of cutting clean strips of fruits or vegetables with maximum efficacy and minimum fuss. Handcrafted from high quality stainless steel, these tools are extremely durable and guaranteed not to bend or misshapen when used with harder types of food. These tools are absolutely essential for any professional catering business though undoubtedly useful for all levels of carvers.

Use these tools to carve detailed patterns such as fish scales and flower petals. See our fruit carving books here at the Temple of Thai for ideas of how to employ garnishing tools in modern carving techniques. Our tools make it possible to to create beautiful melon carvings in minutes. Carve fruit art that previously would have taken hours in just minutes. This carving set is useful for making decorative fruit sculptures, floral vegetable bouquets and garnishes for food, especially when used paired with our Corrugated U Carving Set for Fruit Art.

Product Features for the Corrugated U Carving Set and U & V Tools for Fruit Art

  • High-end imported fruit carving tools
  • Handcrafted from high quality stainless steel
  • Save time on repetitive culinary tasks
  • Light, durable, and versatile tools for garnishing
  • Essential for professional carvers

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