Vegetable & Fruit Art Tools With Roll Bag, Set of 6, Temple of Thai

Vegetable and Fruit Art Carving Set

Easily create vegetable & fruit art with our 6 tool carving set with six different shaped blades. This set comes with 3 U-shaped blades and 3 V-shaped with wooden handles. Of the three similarly sized U-shaped tools, one is corrugated and the other two are smooth, with one being more pointed and suitable for piercing tasks. For the three V-shaped tools, one is smooth and two are corrugated, with the larger being approximately twice the size of the smaller V.

These tools are handcrafted in Thailand and designed by professional fruit carvers. The carving tool set comes in an attractive washable tool bag to protect the blades and is convenient for storage and travel.

The Vegetable and Fruit Art 6 Tool Carving Set should be part of your collection of essential knives for the practice of food art. Also see our Soap Carving Tools Set with Bag which have smaller tool heads and can also be employed for creating fruit art.

Dimensions: Bag 9.5" x 7"(24cm x 17.5cm); Tools length 5 1/2"(14cm). This carving tool set comes in a washable handmade fabric roll bag, to keep your tools sharp and clean when not in use.

Please note that the tools should be hand washed and not washed in the dishwasher.

Availability: Ships in 2-3 business days from Los Angeles, California.

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