Corrugated U-Shape Carving Tools (Set of 4), Temple of Thai

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Corrugated U Carving Set for Fruit Art (4)

This four tool set of serrated U-shaped garnishing tools are beautifully handmade from high-strength stainless steel. Ideal for carving out inner flesh or chipping away at the outer skin of fruits and vegetables, these U-shapes cover a range of different sizes and make an excellent addition to any set of fruit carving tools. Garnishing tools such as these have become increasingly popular in modern Thai fruit carving and are frequently recommended for otherwise time consuming techniques.

Garnishing tools provide fruit carvers with versatility and eliminate tedious and repetitive techniques. Serrated U and U and V shaped garnishing tools are thus especially useful items for commercial kitchens and caterers. The serrated edge are particularly handy for ensuring that patterns appear both detailed and consistent. Also the carver will find using these tools to be inspiring for creating entirely new carving ideas.

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