Screw Cap Fruit Carving Knife, Temple of Thai

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Fruit and vegetable carving knife with screw cap

This Screw Cap Fruit and Vegetable Carving Knife features a cap or cover which is screwed on to protect the sharp steel carving blade and for convenient and safe transport. It has the same type of flexible thin super sharp blade as our Thai Flexible Carving Knife. In addition, this knife has a pointed-tip handle which can be used for tracing designs onto the fruit or vegetable to guide carving. As with all the knives on this page, this knife is handmade by Thai artisans and imported from Thailand to the USA by the Temple of Thai.

Made of strong lightweight stainless steel metal, both beginners and more advanced carvers will find this knife to be well-balanced and pleasing to work with. The round, tubular-shaped metal handle screws into the cap with a few twists, making it highly portable and practical for daily use. The tubular handle design makes it easy to rotate the knife to work on very intricate carvings. Amazingly, the long thin very sharp two-inch triangular-shaped blade can be carefully bent to create highly detailed, fine carvings by more advanced carvers. The pointed end of the handle may be used to lightly etch the carving pattern as a guide.

Traditionally, vegetable and fruit carving, as an ancient art of Thailand, was practiced mainly by the women of the Royal palace. This art consists of transforming ordinary vegetables and fruits into beautiful and attractive floral and other artistic forms. These culinary creations were used as decorations on the banquet table for important Royal visitors. Now the fine art of fruit and vegetable carving has become a necessary kitchen skill for chefs, caterers and avid home cooks around the world. The Screw Cap Fruit Carving Knife is excellent for both professional and beginning fruit carvers.

To store, the blade is covered with the cap and screwed securely. We recommend hand-washing our handmade carving knives in plain or mild soap water and drying before storing. Not dishwasher safe!

Dimensions: Total length capped 6 1/4"; cap 2 7/8"; knife 5 7/8"; blade 2"

Availability: Ships in 2-3 business days from Los Angeles, California.

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