7" Cleaver Yellow Plastic Handle (846P), Kom Kom

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7" Cleaver Yellow Plastic Handle (846P)

Every Thai kitchen has a Chinese style butcher's cleaver, and often more than one! This cleaver knife's 7” blade can smash garlic and pulverize herbs, as well as chopping quickly through meat, making it a great tool for Thai salads like Larp Moo. The blade is heavy enough to mince meat and chop through poultry on the bone, and is sharp enough to angle-cut vegetables.

We recommend hand-washing for Kom Kom meat cleavers, as this ensures their blades remain at their sharpest.

Kom Kom knives are the most respected from Thailand, as they are produced to a higher standard than their competitor, Kiwi brand knives. These cleavers are produced from a stainless-steel alloy which is tempered and sharpened to make sure they are both attractive and durable enough to use every day.


  • Thai Kom Kom knife
  • Heavy 7” blade chops through bone and meat
  • Blade is sharp enough for fine dicing
  • Durable, hardened stainless-steel blade
  • Easy-to-clean yellow plastic handle

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