Recommended Cookware for the Pok Pok Cookbook

  • Wok Spatula (Shovel), Seagull

    Wok Spatula (Shovel), Seagull Brand

    Wok Shovel (turner, charn, spatula or daliew in Thai) is used for stir frying in a wok. The shovel helps to turn the food to cook it evenly. The rounded shape of the end of the turner is ideal for the curved surface of the wok

    Price: $ 14.99
  • Large Granite Mortar and Pestle 7", Imported from Thailand

    Large granite mortar and pestle

    This large squat, bluish black mortar and pestle set is the perfect size for general home cooking. This Temple of Thai Large Granite Stone Mortar and Pestle was recommended in the September 2009 issue of Cook's Illustrated Magazine. Grind spices, fresh herbs, and garlic easily with our solid granite mortar and pestle. You will find this tool essential for authentic Thai cooking, especially curry paste.

    Price: $ 32.95
  • Clay Kruk Mortar & Pestle, Clay 9", Imported from Thailand

    Clay Kruk Mortar & Pestle (9)

    This type of clay "Laos" mortar and pestle set is part of every traditional kitchen in the Northeast of Thailand (Issan) and in Laos. In Laos the mortar is called kruk and pestle sok. This clay set is a must have tool for making Som Tom, spicy papaya salad. Featured in Saveur Magazine, Dec. 2009.

    Price: $ 26.99
  • Rice Cooker (3 cup), Product of China

    Rice Cooker

    Rice cooker can be used for cook rice and also other steamed food. Mading your life easier, the electric rice cooker (110 V) can cook rice and also comes with steamer accessory which is suitable for steaming vegetables, fish and meat.

    Price: $ 36.59
  • Sticky Rice Steamer Set: Basket and Pot, Diamond

    Sticky Rice Steamer Set: Basket with Pot

    This Sticky Rice Steamer Set is essential cooking equipment for preparing sticky rice at home. Simply boil water in the metal steamer pot and steam the pre-soaked sticky rice on top in the basket, covered with a lid...more details and video

    Price: $ 17.99
  • Noodle Basket, Product of Taiwan

    Noodle basket

    These long-handled high-quality stainless steel baskets are for boiling noodles and other types of small food (usually vegetables) quickly and easily. Cheap, practical, and fun to use, noodle baskets are an essential item for those who intend to cook noodles on a regular basis.

    Price: $ 13.99
  • Thai Charcoal Outdoor Stove (Tao), Product of Thailand

    Thai Charcoal BBQ Stove (Tao)

    This old-fashioned Thai-style Charcoal Stove is still widely in use in Thailand, both at home an in the market. For the modern home, it is not only great for BBQ, but also perfect for wok cooking outdoors.

    Price: $ 29.99
  • Chinese Steamer, 30 cm, Diamond

    Chinese Steamer, 30 cm

    This Aluminum Chinese Steamer enables you to cook large amounts of food at one time or to prepare several dishes at once, saving time and energy. Aluminum steamers conduct heat better then bamboo steamers and last longer. This is the medium sized steamer at 12 inches in diameter.

    Price: $ 59.99
  • Thai Hot Pot Soup Bowl, Crocodile

    Thai Soup Serving Bowl

    Serve Tom Yum Goong (Thai Lemongrass Shrimp Soup) in style at your next dinner party in this Thai Hot Pot Soup Serving Bowl. Keep soup hot by placing a small tea light candle inside a special chamber under the bowl

    Price: $ 23.99
  • Thai Fish-shaped Heated Serving Dish, Imported from Thailand

    Fish Grill

    This type of serving platter is often used in Thailand's famous seafood restaurants with hot charcoals or tea lights inside the lower chamber to keep the food steaming hot at table side

    Price: $ 29.99
  • 8" Chinese Cleaver (813), Kiwi

    8" Chinese Cleaver Kiwi This Chinese-style cleaver from Kiwi Brand is just the right size for your Thai kitchen making it perfect for smashing garlic and chopping meat for Thai salads such as Larb Moo (North Eastern Thai Spicy Pork Salad)
    Price: $ 11.99
  • 8" Chinese Cleaver (813), Kom Kom

    8" Chinese Cleaver

    This Chinese-style cleaver (Kom Kom brand)  is just the right size for your Thai kitchen making it perfect for smashing garlic and chopping meat for Thai salads such as Larb Moo (North Eastern Thai Spicy Pork Salad)

    Price: $ 17.99
  • 7" Cleaver Yellow Plastic Handle (846P), Kom Kom

    7" Cleaver Yellow Plastic Handle (846P) Kom Kom cleaver with appropriated size and excellent special stainless steel blade made your cutting or kitchen works more easier.
    Price: $ 17.99
  • Classic Thai Cooks Knife, 8", Kiwi

    Thai Cooks Knife

    Kiwi brand knives from Thailand are amazingly good cutters and are so inexpensive you shouldn't leave our store without at least one #21 Kiwi kitchen knife. Some say this is the best, most versatile knife in existence

    Price: $ 10.99
  • Pro-Slice Papaya Shredder (Blue), Kiwi

    Pro-slice, Kiwi brand shredder

    Stainless steel Kiwi Pro-Slice with wavy-edge blade imported from Thailand. Valued throughout the South-east Asia, they're safe, useful, and affordable. Frequently spotted in use by Bangkok street vendors shredding papayas for papaya salad, it's a highly versatile general purpose kitchen slicing and shredding tool.

    Price: $ 8.99
  • Clay Pot for Cooking, Imported from China

    Clay Pot

    This Clay Pot (maw din in Thai, earthernware or Chinese sand pot or hot pot) can be employed for cooking curries, soups and rice in order to impart a subtle aroma and delicious taste. Be sure to pre-soak the pot in water before using to prevent cracking or breaking...more details and recipe

    Price: $ 32.99
  • Thai Spider Skimmer for Frying, Imported from Thailand

    Thai Brass & Wood Spider Skimmer

    Use this Bamboo Handled Wire Mesh Strainer (or Skimmer) when deep fat frying wontons, egg rolls, and appetizers. Also great for boiling pasta, dumplings, noodles, vegetables or meat for soups...more details

    Price: $ 10.19
  • Cheesecloth, Imported from Thailand


    This large 100% cotton open weave cheesecloth is sometimes used to prepare Thai sticky rice. Soak the rice, steam in a sticky rice steaming set and covered with the cloth, to prevent rice from drying out.

    Price: $ 11.99
  • Carbon Steel Wok 13", Product of Taiwan

    Carbon Steel Wok Wood Handle

    The round shape of the wok makes it ideal for stir-frying, deep-frying or steaming. This 13" wok is a standard size for household cooking

    Price: $ 21.99
  • Thai Clay Hot Pot with Sterno, Product of Thailand

    Clay Pot with Sterno

    This unglazed natural Thai Clay Hot Pot seals in nutrients and cooks up savory dishes. Its perfect for hot soups like famous Tom Yum, Tom Kha and clear vegetable soups

    Price: $ 32.99
  • Blue & White Condiment Table Set, Product of Thailand

    Ceramic Seasoning Container Set

    The Ceramic Seasoning Container Set comes with 4 little jars, serving spoons, and tray. 

    Price: $ 35.95
  • Pok Pok Cookbook Getting Started Kit, Various

    Pok Pok Cookbook Getting Started Kit

    This Ricker-approved Pok Pok Cookbook Getting Started Kit includes the basic Thai ingredients and cookware recommended by Andy to make the recipes in his debut cookbook.

    Price: $ 87.38